SCKC Fish Fry '06
was held at the home of Dr. Ron Harlan
in Glendale, Ca

A great time was had by all!

Special thanks to:

The Arizona Rivulan Keepers (ARK) and their donations
John Boylan (BAKA) and the Bay Area donations
Ron Harlan for hosting the affair,
and to Sandy Binder for that great fish order.
And all those who attended and made the Fish Fry '06 a success!
John Kukowski and Dad Gary outside Ron's fishroom building in back yard
John Boylan and Chris Breitkreutz telling fish stories
Ray VanVeen and Marilyn Mills relaxing out back and talking about touring Europe
Ron Harlan with his professor look relaxing and thinking, "this BBQ hosting is sure tough"
Jim Clark BBQ'n Chicken in a purple haze
While others eat in the kitchen where the spread was laid out
Ron's air conditioned fishroom / building
Another view of the fishroom
Allan Barbers wife and son along with AZ couple in Raffle table room
About 2/3 of the fish, cultures and plants for the auction are checked out
The auction is getting close now, under the Corona sign
Fish programs, football, and refreshments in front of the big screen
Just before the action starts, Chris takes a short nap, while Jay Foster yawns at 8:30 pm wanting to join him.
Sandy gets the auction started,
some people should not wear shorts
In Hollywood filmings they have spray to block out glare
John Boylan auctions off the second half of the over 100 bags