The Annual SCKC Fish Fry and BBQ
2007 Pictures

Jay Foster and Chris B. out back
Diane and Dave Huey (I think)
Dan, Steve, and Mark
Steve with bags on bar
Dr. Diane Brown, Auction Assistant
Dan, Steve, and  Mark still looking
1/2 Thuan, Allan Semeit,
Gina & Steve Erlich
Kathleen B., Marilyn Mills, and Sandy Binder
The significant others just love these fish things :-)
Two more tables full of bags
More bags in box looking for a place to land
Raffle Action
Lotsa neat Plants from Mark Allen
Chris mov'n them raffle tickets
More raffle action
Three Musketeers
WCW 14, 15, 16 T Shirts
Sandy's best side :-)
Ummmm, BBQ
Thuan & Jim in the kitchen
Sandy auctioning
A BIG THANKS to Ron Harlan for hosting, Allan Semeit & the AZ gang for attending and donating all their contributions to the auction. Glad to see Thuan Nguyen come down from the Bay Area, and John Pitcairn and  Dave Huey up from S.D. Thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the '07 Fish Fry.